Behind The Lens

Behind the Lens:

My name is Tim Seibert. I am a professional photographer for Flatirons Pro Media and have made my home in Broomfield, CO since 1997. I am also the current president of the Broomfield Photography Club.

Photography is my passion. My goal for every photograph is to capture that special moment in the best light not only in real estate photography, but in portraits and nature photography as well. I love the outdoors and understand the natural light. For this reason you will never see my real estate photographs with bright white (overexposed) windows and doors. With the use of professional equipment, my photographs will capture the true vision of a room as your eye sees it.

My goal is to keep the viewer engaged in the photograph – to give the potential buyer a sense of walking into the property to experience every room as though they were standing in it.

To see more of my photos, visit my nature photography website at

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Tim Seibert
Tim Seibert